But there were like two days that were actually productive

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The things KStew's dining room table has seen.
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We all know that RPF/RPS is kind of shifty and wrong but we're going to do it anyway so we may as well all do it together, right? Right!

This community is here for all those who (against their better judgement) ship the high hell out of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. We know you're out there! Come join us!


1. All posts must be on-topic. This is not the place for separate Robert or Kristen posts. Neither is it the place for your 4836 Edward/Bella icons.

2. Do not hate on the actors, their significant others, other members or the community or the mods. This is a place to love up on RPattz and KStew not to hate on them or whoever they might actually be boning in real life.

3. Use lj-cuts for long posts and always check your spelling and grammar before posting.

4. Do not link to friends-only or members-only posts. If you want to share things with the community then they must be accessible to every member of the community.

5. Do not make posts that encourage members to meddle in the actors' real lifes. This is all fictional and most of us would hope that they'll never, ever find out about it. Petitions for them to get together is too srs, bbz.

6. Fic, icons, macros, wallpapers, manips, fanmixes, on-topic interviews, youtube vids, lj headers and picspams are all welcome here. Anything is really so long as it's on-topic. Can you tell we're really sick of deleting off-topic posts?


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